Executive Cover

This relatively new policy type has been born out of the growing common practice of seeking out and taking action against individual directors and officers rather than taking action against the firm itself

Directors in particular hold a duty of care as individuals to their employees and shareholders. They can also be pursued as individuals by organisations such as the HSE and HMRC where it is considered that the individual director or officer has been negligent in the pursuance of their professional duties.

The support of a D&O policy not only covers a range of risks but also covers the legal defence by specialist teams who deal constantly in this particular area.

What could an Executive Cover policy protect me against?

Why do you need this insurance?

Can you answer yes to any of these statements?

  • As an individual director or officer you have a range of duties for which you are accountable to investors and/or shareholders.
  • As an individual director or officer you have a range of duties for which you are responsible and these may involve the health and safety of your staff, mandatory reporting to tax authorities or other trade or regulatory bodies.
  • As a business, you need to protect yourself against any negative publicity which may be caused by the negligent act of individual directors and officers within your business.
  • You need cover in order to be a member of a specific trade body
  • You need this cover in order to obtain a contract from a 3rd party customer

Why use Glentworth for Directors and Officers Liability insurance ?

Glentworth has access to all major UK insurers providing D&O insurance.

D&O insurers are quite often specialists and not necessarily household names. D&O is quite often a misunderstood cover and you need to make sure that the policy you purchase is the right one for your business.

We will also ensure that you are covered for work that you have undertaken in the past and guide you on maintaining cover even if you plan to leave your particular industry.

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